Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cartoon Reviews - Chowder

This is the first edition of Cartoon Reviews. Every few weeks I will post a review of a new cartoon I watched recently. And this weeks is Chowder!
Name: Chowder

Creator: C.H. Greenblatt

Running Time: 22 minutes

Network: Cartoon Network

Rating: A-

Premiere Date: November 2, 2007

Chowder is a surprisingly good cartoon from what I can tell. From the premiere episode, I could tell this would be an awesome show that will help Cartoon Network back to its former glory! For those who don't know, Chowder is a cartoon about a cat/bear/rabbit thingy named Chowder who wants to be a chef. Although his hunger can be confused as the main cause of comedy, don't be fooled...okay, it is the funniest.

But the way it is written (or rather drawn) is the way the laughs are made. For you see, Chowder is a premise show, meaning that they take a premise for an episode (the people who make this are shown at the beginning of each episode as the people who wrote the story). It is then giving to the storyboard artists to write up the rest. This is a six week process from what I know. This is how some lines like "Chowder's dead." and "Hey, ugly!" are born.

The show is hand-drawn and some parts in an episode is done with puppets or claymation. This makes this show very original and greatly loved. This show has gotten many good reviews from many animation websites and newspapers. It has a fan site already and tons of fans. It ranked as the top 2007 telecast this year according to Toonzone. This brings fans (like me) hope for a second season of Chowdery goodness. :)

The colorful backgrounds are a work of art that deserve to be put up in a museum. The architectural design of buildings and such should be appreciated greatly. The songs are so very catchy and livey. The theme song and "Everyone's Got a Song Inside" are amazing works written by Greenblatt himself. If CN had a bit more shows as great as this one, then the channel would be saved from utter destruction.

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Anonymous said...

i dont get why chowder gets a A-

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