Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cartoon Review! - Interview with Scotty "SMH"

New interview today. With some guy named Scott, also known as SMH. Those are probably his initials. Anyway, he makes comics, so here's the interview:
Me: So what's your name?

Scotty: SMH

Me: So can you tell us about your comics?

Scotty: It doesn't have many fans. And there isn't many jokes, it's mostly about life.

Me: So what are your comics about?

Scotty: EL oop doesn't really have a plot, it's just random things. And the Paperboy is about a boy who has to go into cartoons, anime, and games to deliver the paper.

Me: Where did you get the idea for EL oop?

Scotty: Well my sister was doing a play of High School Musical in Indiana, so I drew while we go there and drew EL oop. I had been looking for a web comic for some time, so I used him.

Me: And Paperboy?

Scotty: Well the Paperboy was something that I misread. A long time ago Fizzlo was telling me about Fizzlo, Cheeko , and The Pepperboy. And lately I thought that the paperboy should live.

Me: How old are you? And when did you get into web comics?

Scotty: I'm now 12. And I go to the forum and like every one there and there mom has a web comic so I tried it and loved it

Me: So your mom has a web comic? Cool, so what are your dreams for the future of EL oop?

Scotty: No that was an expression. My dreams for EL oop are... Well I want to be a writer and either get EL oop a movie or a kids TV show.

Me: And Paperboy?

Scotty: I don't have much of a dream besides getting a live movie (as in real people)

Me: Okay, so any final words to the people on the web?

Scotty: Not many but thanks for having me here..... kinda. Well I'm going to go figure out what they're saying on this Bye every peoples

Me: Okay, that's it.

Scotty: Okay thanks


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