Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cartoon Review - Ben 10: Race Against Time

This is the second edition of Cartoon Reviews. Every week I will post a review of a new cartoon I watched recently. And this weeks is the live action movie of Ben 10, Ben 10: Race Against Time!
Name: Ben 10: Race Against Time

Director: Alex Winter

Running Time: 91 minutes

Network: Cartoon Network

Rating: B-

Premiere Date: November 21, 2007

This movie was surprisingly good from what I can tell. I may have missed the premiere, but I saw the movie later on Friday. But I did miss the first 30 minutes. Oh well, the recap makes up for that. Anyway, it is an awesome movie. For those who don't know, this movie tells about when the characters go back to their hometown of Bellwood after the long summer road trip. Soon, they are faced with a new adventure when Eon, an alien with the power to control time comes to use Ben and the Omnitrix to "turn on" the Hands of Armageddon, a device that can act as a portal to bring Eon's people to Earth and conquer it.

The movie was fairly good, with okay special effects and acting. The plot and story structure was actually pretty good. The production in making this movie was pretty cool too. It may have only had four of Ben's aliens but when in three episodes combined has Ben ever used all of his aliens. And don't count the season 2 finale because that was without the normal conditions. Winter ac achieved his dream of making the movie more cinematic than cartoony. The CG effects were good, with the exception of Wildmutt, which could have been done better.

The script was written by Mitch Watson, a guy I didn't know who existed until today. Of course, from what I told you, Alex Winter's produced and directed it. Internet Movie Database users rated the movie 4.6/10 as of today, and users rated it 7.5/10. So basically, it depends on your tastes. Some people are really hoping this movie gets on DVD before Christmas.

So overall, this movie was pretty nice. This movie may help people soften up to there being live-action stuff on Cartoon Network. Well, may be live-action movies, but not television shows. Oh well, till next time.
EDIT: Was changed to B-. Forgot about the werid British alien guy.

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joy said...

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