Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Super Post #1

Whoo! I am running my own newspaper...well, technically, not. The first issue won't be up until New Years' Day. Let me explain. I am a member of the a Chowder fan site: Chowder Zone. A few days ago, I put up a joke about me making a site news paper called the Chowder Zone Times. What I didn't expect was that Tyler K. would actually like the idea. Now the train tracks are set and production on the paper is starting. So far there are several people working with me, including Tyler, who is only going to stay on for 8 to 10 issues. So I'm learning the how to layout the site from him. Currently, I am still looking for people to work on the newspaper, but I think there are enough to keep the website going. Here are the people that are working on it:
  • Quinton B.

  • Robert F. (Creator of Fizzlo, which is going live on Saturday)

  • Dru S.

  • Johnny

  • Scotty

  • Jmill

  • Tyler K. (temporally due to making comics)

Here's a basic summary that I made for Tyler:

"The Chowder Zone Times is the first ever Chowder related newspaper. It has many sections towards it. There is an Episode Review section where the recapists have recaps and reviews on episodes. There will be stories about what is going on with the production of the show and the cast and crew. Photographers get pictures and srceenshots of Chowder stuff. Fan art and Fan fiction is self-explanatory. There will be a page showing who works on the paper. All of this is sent to me, who edits it and then sends it to RELYT1992 who edits some more and lays it out on the newspaper. This is a bi-weekly newspaper."

---Chownini, Editor-in-Chief and Creator of the CZ Times

And that's all for the CZ Times until next time...oh, and here's what the pages will look like this:

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------One of my songs are below. It was for a Fizzlo webtoon. Oh yeah, I work on Fizzlo as a Songwriter now. I will post the song that helped me get the job later. :)

It's the time for holiday cheer,

Let us join hands in merry carolllling,

for we sing joy and for we sing,

This is the greatest Christmas of all,

Merry, merry Christmas.

And a Happy New Year.


we sing lalalalaroo!

Presents and family,

holiday cheer...*drip**drip*

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