Friday, March 7, 2008

How to Make an "Easy" Webtoon

1) Open up Mircosoft Paint. Although this program appears weak, it can give way to some really great works of art. And the great art you'll be making is a cartoon!

2) Make the first frame (or drawing). First make sure that the area you'll be drawing in is somewhat in the shape of a square. Now your first frame should be what you want your cartoon to start with. For example, if you want your opening scene to be a bedroom, then you should draw a bedroom.

3)Save the picture under a name of your cartoon, such as Tednut1. You should make a folder to hold all the pictures though. It's 12 drawings a second, which means 720 drawings a minute. If you are making a 5 minute long cartoon, then you'll need 3,600 drawings! So best to make a folder with the name of that cartoon's episode. (Ex- Tednut: The Day)

4)Edit the picture and save it again, under a slighty different name, like Tednut2. Do this several times. When changing scenes, erase the area and draw something else. If you have to revisit the same can either re-draw it or be lazy and reuse a previous drawing that had the scene.

5)When you have your 3,600 drawings, you can now go to Windows Movie Maker. Now you got to put each drawing (in order) onto the storyboard. You then go and select Edit Movie > Video Effects > Speed Up, Double. Use this on each image 6 times (or just use it on the first and then copy it to the rest. From there you can add brightness, fade ins/outs, and other things to make your cartoon amazing.

6) Add titles and end credits if you want. That is all I shall say for now.

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