Friday, December 19, 2008

The Return of Looney Tunes

That's right folks! After four long years, the beloved Looney Tunes shorts are returning to television. Due to disputes between Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network involving the 2003 film (Looney Tunes: Back in Action), Cartoon Network was left unable to air post-1948 shorts. Turner Broadcasting owned the pre-1948 shorts, but the network has since refused to air the program until Warner Bros. gave them the post-1948 under certain conditions. It was thought impossible by all animation enthusiasts for the Looney Tunes shorts to ever air again.

But on January 1st, 2009, to ring in the new year, Cartoon Network is airing a 14-hour long Looney Tunes marathon! But, does this mean the permanent return of this classic shorts to the network? Only time will tell...and by that I mean when Zap2it gets up to the first full week of 2009.

EDIT: It's just a test-run to see if it would be profitable for the network to air.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Random! Cartoons - Episode One Review

Well, I saw the first episode, and I can safely say that it was pretty good. And I also hope that I wasn't the only person that saw this episode, cause that would suck for both me and the person who missed out on these animated beauties.

Solomon Fix isn't the worst short ever, but it was barely decent. The jokes were basically kiddy fare, some making no sense what so ever. The theme song came out and said that "the short was for kids". Well, I should have expected that. But I've seen preschool shows that are actually better than this. It was a waste of 7 minutes. I honestly expected better.

Rating: 5/10  

Moobeard: The Cow Pirate was everything I expected. Easily the best short out of all of these aired today, it was pretty funny. The cow/pig jokes were a pretty entertaining running gag, and so was Moobeard's crying. There's a lot of room for this to become an animated series on either Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network. It takes a lot to make me laugh, and I'm proud to say that the short actually made me chuckle at times. 

Rating: 9/10  

Two Witch Sisters was...weird, to say the least. It was eccentric, crazy, and colorful. It had a random-type of humor, and the designs were pretty cool to look at. The entire short was insane, and it kinda hard to find a plot in all of this. There was a handful of "WTH!?" moments that makes you wonder who was more insane/creative: Fred Siebert who accepted the short into R!C, or the creator herself. Either way, it was a very weird and crazy short. 

Rating: 8/10

"Random! Cartoons" airs every Saturday at 1:30pm on Nicktoons Network.

P.S. - Don't cha hate it when your images get cut off? Click on them to see the full thing, okay? You do want to see the names of the people who created the shorts right? Riiiiiiight?

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