Monday, November 19, 2007

Cartoon Review! - Interview With Mr. Fizzlo

Hello, and welcome to a weekday edition of Cartoon Review! In this one, I have finally gotten my first interview. The person...Robert Fagan! Director and Creator of Fizzlo, an animated web toon that is to air on on December 1st. You can talk to Robert on the website forums. For those who don't know, Fizzlo is a show about a duckish-alien thing from some far off planet and his friends, enemies, and other such things. But Rob can explain it better. Anyway, on to the interview!
Me: Okay, so what is your name?
Robert: My name is Robert F.

Me: OK, so where did the idea for Fizzlo come from?

Robert: I always doodled in Math class when my teacher wasn't looking, then I drew Fizzlo, I liked the drawing a lot so I showed my friends. They liked it too. One of my friends said it should be a Pokemon named "Gorbird". I just started animating, so I decided to make a cartoon on the Internet.

Me: So exactly how old are you? And so Fizzlo was always his name?

Robert: I'm 11. and Fizzlo was first called Lord Dinky Pasan Pan and looked like this:

Me: So Fizzlo has come a long way I see. So where did the other characters come in?

Robert: All my other characters were characters from my old comic books I made when I was 6.

Me: How did you figure out the voices for the characters?

Robert: My friend made up what most of what my characters sound like.

Me: And who voices who?

Robert: I voice Fizzlo, Fudge, Clennis, Dennis, Plop, Gylo, Chubi, and Gurgle (Mostly everyone). My little brother voices Quack. My little sister voices Cooky, Mushie, Mooshie, and Mishie. My friend, Anthony voices Darklo, and some background characters.

Me: So what is your dream for the future of Fizzlo?

Robert: When I grow up, I want to become a cartoonist and make Fizzlo a children's show on T.V.

Me: And what will be your backup plan? If cartoons will be too hard for you to get a job in. Living in New York, it would be hard, so would you move to Burbank?

Robert: Ha ha, I live in New York now, just not in the city. My back-up plan would be to continue making cartoons on the Internet.

Me: I know, you live on Long Island. I live in The Bronx, and Manhattan is where a real animation studio (Curious Pictures) is. Okay, any final words to the people on the web?

Robert: No, not really.

Me: Okay, that is all. So thanks for letting me interview you. :)

Robert: OK, see ya'!

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Chowder5 said...

AWESOME!! Cant Wait!

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