Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Speck Project

I have created a new cartoon character during lunch days ago. His name? Speck. Why? Because he is short for his age as a dragon. He lives on a planet opposite to that of Earth. On this alternate Earth, called Cryptid, all mythical beasts and cryptids, and extraterrestrial creatures live on harmony on this planet. And there is a secret hidden from most of these creatures...powerful humans that seek to destroy their world are hiding among them. The person who must keep their existence secret and also stop them from accomplishing their task is the Zastarin, a dragon would has strange marking on his/her body and has the seal of Zastarin on their back. One is found every 100 years, and Speck is the newest one. Here is his picture (did this one in paint so it's bad).Anyway, I did this picture before I added other features to him, but let me talk about Speck first. Speck is 12 1/2 years old and lives in the Crescent March, just outside Webtionzie Town. He discovered his purpose at age two, and to conceal his identity, he wears a cloak, mask, and gloves that cover his entire body expect his eyes, light growth horn, his back horns, wings, and tail. Unlike most dragons, who usually have two powers at the most, Speck has 15 powers. The ones he uses the most are Fire and Water, so most will think he's a normal dragon. Only his friends and family know what he looks like under his clothing. He has an IQ of 126 and attends St. Storsjöodjuret Middle School. He has a white patch around his left eye and his eye color is a gray-red.
This is a picture I made of his sister during Social Studies class. Her name is Pebble and she is 7 years old. She was some of the Zastarin spirit in her since she can sometimes use other power than her own and can breathe in space like her brother, but for a shorter time. She is 3 feet tall and has two tails that helps her focus her powers. She has one horn at the back of her head like all female dragons and retractable arms. She has an IQ of 110, which is high for someone of her age. Her hair is light brown and her scales was aqua. She attends Tun D. Erbird Elementary School. She usually wears a pink dress with a picture of a flower on it.

This is a drawing I made in Social Studies along with Pebble. His name is Stone and is Pebble's and Speck's villainous older brother. He hated Speck with all his heart and seeks to destroy him. He actually is working with the evil humans who hopes to destroy the planet, with his job being to destroy his brother. If he doesn't do it within two ears, then he's going to be the first dragon they kill. I forgot to draw his wings, and he also needs a tail. He does not have any horns or spikes. In those places are simply hair. He dropped out of Man Eater Tre High when he was 13. He hates all his follow Cryptidians, and wants them all destroyed.

That is all for now, I will try to do another Cartoon Review! tomorrow.

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