Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tednut Production Status

I have decided to set you guys straight on the whole production of Tednut, if you haven't gone to the website yet. Here's the link if you guys want to see, cause I have noticed there are some new people showing up to this blog: HERE.

Anyway, first things first. They will only be 7 episodes for the first season ("The Fall Season" as I call it) of Tednut. Not counting the Halloween special. I am currently finishing up writing up that script I never wrote for "The Day", the first episode of Tednut. And studying up on how I want the characters mouths to move (known as "mouth direction"). In other words? I'm starting over with this series. Since I never even finished the first 20 seconds, you guys shouldn't be disappointed. I probably won't get around to doing and actual episode until February, so sorry guys. In the mean time it is trying to keep that unfullied promised of adding more downloads and adding to the character list to the main site. Hope you aren't mad at me. So basically, here are the plans for Tednut:

*Pre-Production (Jan 13, 2008-Feb 2008): Writing and Storyboarding, Mouth Direction, Animation Practice

*Production (Feb 2008-Oct 2008): Animating Tednut episodes

*Post-Production (Oct 2008-April 2008): Animation practice, Writing and Storyboarding, Co-Animating and Writing for Fiznut

Also, here are the episodes that are going to be in the "Fall Season":

1) The Day
2)Mourning Recess
3)Survival Test
Halloween Special (Mountain of the Vamps)
5)Backyard Jungle
6)Book of Weirdos
7)Treasuring Hunt


Jmill said...

Now i know what moving mouths is called...

Racattack Force said...

Very few shows have mouth directors actually. It's just called moving the mouth. Mouth direction is only for shows that have characters in digueses or have werid forms and stuff.

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