Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Future Interviews

Okay, I had to do something here at school. Yes, I am posting this one from school. Anyway, I have decided to test my luck if I could snag an interview with a few more animators. I have selected only the greatest ones...okay, these were only only guys I had the attention span to try and find today. But these guys are great, and it's a bonus that I could find their email addresses!I hope they don't refuse my plead for an interview. These are the amazing people I was able to seek out:

*Joe Murray - Creator of "Rocko's Modern Life" and "Camp Lazlo"
*Butch Hartman - Creator of "The Fairly OddParents!" and "Danny Phantom"
*Mr. "Tom" Warburton - Creator of "Codename: Kids Next Door"


Jmill said...

Butch Hartman or Tom Warbuton would be great!!!

Anonymous said...

I want to do some interviews for my blog as well but 2 things get in the way.

1. I want my blog to be at least 2 months old or more before I ask.

2. I'm afraid of being rejected for an interview.

Racattack Force said...

Don't worry, it's kinda easy. They don't reject that often. But here's some advice:

1) It can take up to a month for them to respond if they are working on a show right now, whether ending it, starting it, or in the middle of it. So, you gotaa have patenice. And send your questions along with it so you don't have to wait another month.

2) Start your asking them for an interview nicey. Let you know you care to know how your day went. Then ask for the interview.

3) Some guys respond better and faster than others. For example, I had to wait a month for C.H. Greenblatt to answer, but he asked my questions very nicely. It took a few hours for Mr. Warburton to answer, and though he answered okay, he was somewhat childish.

Oh, and I got Tom Warburton interview. I will put it up on either Monday or Friday.

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