Sunday, July 22, 2007

Final Harry Book, Left at Chruch, and an Email

Yes! I have got it. And my brother paid for it. The latest Harry Potter book. And I will check out this awesome book. I have not read books 2-6, but it does not really matter to me at all. I am so happy to get my hands on this 759 page book full of magic and adventure. But enough about this book that almost everyone wants to read, and that got in trouble with the Jewish sabbath. Let's get back to my everyday life.

Today, at my church, my mom forgot me there. I was playing with a five year old child (who was small for his age) when I saw her car turn a corner.. I screamed and ran after her car for about a block before someone told me to calm down. I told her I could just walk home, and after a little talk, I went to ask Pastor Rob if I could walk home and he said yes. As I was walking home, I met up with my friend Daniel who said that I should call home. I did call home and I did. My mom came to get me, and that is the end of that story.

Now the email part. Yesterday, I emailed an old friend of mine that I have not talked to in a year. I sent him the first post of my blog and he actually replied. I now know that he checks his mail somewhat regularly. Anyway, he replied with the following Email:


hey Ukari its true i like ur blog u will here from me soon i might make my own blog but im always busy with HW from an advance program called Breakthrough also i got into private school im going to reapeaT the 7th grade but i dont care your friend kevin P.S. are u going to read the 7th harry potter book


That is all I am going to post for today! Bye till tomorrow afternoon!

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