Sunday, September 21, 2008

Toonami Finale

Last night, I watched most of the Toonami block. I didn't want to miss a second of it. Toonami was a great and amazing block. Even though it died, it had a great run. It lasted way longer than most shows and blocks do. 11 years is a pretty long time. They went through several hosts (I started watching Toonami around the time of TOM2). I must have been the only one who actually liked TOM4 a bit. He was the perfect version of TOM to close the Toonami block. "So, until we meet again, stay gold..." A perfect end to such a perfect block.



MasterK said...

11 years. Wow, and they just ended it with very little notice?

Racattack Force said...

Considering Toon Zone and the entire internet community was alerted just a little more than 12 hours before the finale message, I'd definitely say so.

MasterK said...

I guess that means any non-internet people weren't notified at all :(

nn said...

Yea its horrible
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Racattack Force said...

I guess that means any non-internet people weren't notified at all :(
They'll find out eventually, by either checking the channel to watch to the Toonami that isn't there, you by hearing about from others.

MasterK said...

what an unpleasant shock that must be for them :(

Anonymous said...

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