Friday, August 8, 2008

PVoA #2 - Cartoon Network

Welcome to my PVoA, my Personal Views of Animation. This is the second part of my writings on Time Warner's animation library. For this part, I'm going to be focusing on Cartoon Network, and what the channel could do to improve itself. Sure, it's going up in the ratings now, but it still has some work to do. Basically, I'm going to be discussing programming and schedule. Oh, and that WALL-E review...I may never get to completing it. If it isn't up by the end of the week, then don't expect anything. And just so you know, I saw the movie on July 1st.
Cartoon Network...ah yes, the ESPN of animation. The channel is doing fairly well in the ratings. Each month, the channel continues to get more an more viewers with it's "Har Har Tharsdays" block. Tweens 9-14 (my age group) went up 69% in just weeks. If that happened because of shows like Total Drama Island (which I've grown to love) and The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack (which is now tied for #1 series on the network), then just imagine what will happen when The Secret Saturdays, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, & Batman: The Brave and The Bold premiere in the next two months. The channel will go from a distant third to a closer third. And just add Cartoonstitute, the original movies (based on comics) they are developing, and anymore future projects to the mix. Cartoon Network could be heading towards it's former glory. But, that doesn't mean there isn't anymore room for improvement. No, far from it. There's some things the channel must do before it becomes truly great...


First off, Cartoon Network can keep the live action if it wants. As long as it continues to make up less than 5% of the weekly schedule (it currently makes up 1% to 2%). And I'm okay with them making The Vanishers comic a live-action instead of animated TV movie. In fact, the creator wants that, since he said he wanted it to be portrayed as realistically as possible. As long as animation continues to more than dominate the network, it's okay by me.

Second off, Cartoon Network should consider airing more classical programming. They air close to two hours of Tom and Jerry every day, so the least they could do is air some of The Flintstones and The Jetsons. Maybe some Smurfs and Snorks would do. And I don't care when they air the stuff. They could air in in the early mornings or in the middle of the afternoon, just air the stuff.

Third off, in addition of airing classic programming, they should air some of their old Cartoon Cartoons. Dexter's Laboratory and The Powerpuff Girls just have to air on the channel again. In the early mornings or late at night, I don't care, I just want to wake up and see them. Same for the 90s Warner Bros. cartoons. Which brings me to my own example schedule idea...


This is an example schedule I made for Cartoon Network. It features classical cartoons, the Warner Bros. cartoons of the 90s, the old Cartoon Cartoons, current CN programming, and future CN programming. The red is for the "Dynamite Action Squad" block, if it still exists at that point. The green is for an after school block, the light purple for "Har Har Tharsdays", and dark red/brown for "Fried Dynamite" (it has started to get some real ratings, so it's gotta stay). Oh yeah, the black is for "Toonami", and the blue for the "Flicks" movie premiere block.

With this schedule, HHT is now three hours, and both "Fried Dynamite" & "Toonami" are four hours. Monday mornings feature action cartoons, Tuesday mornings show comedy, Wednesdays have Cartoon Cartoons, Thursdays are the classics, and Fridays are the 90s Warner Bros. cartoons. Saturday and Sunday mornings are just simply random. Like now, movies are on at 10 am every day except Saturday. And there is also a marathon every Sunday afternoon. Saturday afternoons show encores of premiere episodes that aired earlier in the week. In case you don't know, Cartoonstitute is a shorts project Cartoon Network is currently working on. It's similar to the What A Cartoon! Show that aired years before. Ironically, Cartoon Network seemed to have trademarked the phrase. Maybe as a new slogan for the network...who knows?

Of course, in the summer, Cartoon Network is free to do what every other kids network does: air their most popular shows 50 times a day. But for fall, winter, and spring, they have to mix it up a bit a give us some variety. And that's it for today. Next week, I'll talk a bit about some cartoon pilots that never got picked up for series, one or two from Nick, and one or two from Cartoon Network. Whatever pilots I can actually show you...


MasterK said...

So, Total Drama Island is good after all. As for classic cartoons, what about REALLY classic cartoons if they followed your guidelines in your first pvoa to get Looney Tunes on there. I also would really like to see the Cartoon Cartoons show make a comeback because its good to be able to see a random selection of new and old cartoons that are bound to have a couple of favorites mixed in.

Racattack Force said...

I figured it would be nice for Looney Tunes to be aired in place of Tom and Jerry in the summer and winter, with T&J having fall and spring. Not sure if the Cartoon Cartoons Show stil has a purpose.

QBComics said...

Total Drama Island is an instant fav for me now. I thought I'd hate it but was wrong. Flapjack and Chowder are good as well. Ben 10 AF could be better if they use different aliens more often but pretty good. Now all we need is Secret Saturdays to premiere and we're good. I do miss Billy and Mandy & KND a lot though :(

MasterK said...

I miss Billy and Mandy too. Cartoon Cartoons has no purpose I just like it. And I am SO looking forward to cartoonstitute. here's hoping it will bring another full on golden age for CN.

Anonymous said...

Good ponts here. Glad to see you back in action.

BTW, if I may ask, Tednut, why were you banned from Toon Zone? That came out of nowhere.

Racattack Force said...

And I am SO looking forward to cartoonstitute. here's hoping it will bring another full on golden age for CN.

Same here!

BTW, if I may ask, Tednut, why were you banned from Toon Zone? That came out of nowhere.

I really have no idea. I really miss posting on the place. But me being banned gave me more time to do other things, mostly working on this blog and getting ready for school. But I still look at the forums from time to time.

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I miss Billy and Mandy too. Cartoon Cartoons has no purpose I just like it. And I am SO looking forward to cartoonstitute. here's hoping it will bring another full on golden age for CN.

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