Friday, September 14, 2007

Weekey Update #1

Starting today, I will start updating my blog weekly. That way, you can all understand more of my life, and update more info. And have more important things to say. To the right is a picture that I actually drew. It is of the two main characters of a cartoon idea I have, Jeff + Meg. Since I am to lazy to re-write this, I will cut and paste from what I wrote as 'Double Nazedd' on The3eds forums:

"My show is called Jeff + Meg, after the main characters, twins Jefrey and Megumi (yes, it is a Japanese name). They live in the town of Fragile, Minnesota, where most of their adventures (and misadventures) take place. There are subtle and board continuity in each episode, such as if a house was destroyed, then it will be re-built for a few episodes. And each season takes place in one season (ex. Season 1 in Fall and Season 2 in Winter). They have a bunch of fun and mischief with their friends at Landmark Jr. High and around the town. A running gag is that some building or monument in the town always breaks in an episode, a hint to the town's name. I am still working on the character designs and will start writing up a few episodes. I actually intend to create this series when I get older and give it to Cartoon Network (if they didn't die yet)."

And here is yet another thing about the show:

"Some more info on my show. The main characters all live on the the same street. In a cul-de-sac. A sort of homage towards Ed, Edd n Eddy. Pictures of the other characters come later. I want to have a fixed set number of characters, so I hope I can just make under 30 characters that I truly need. I should have the pictures of a few more characters (at least 3) by tomorrow."

I will edit this post later when I upload the other picture.
EDIT: I got the picture up. As my English teacher would say, "Like Beyonce, To the left, to the left." Class groans.

Now it is time to post about school. I am in eighth grade now, so you know what that means! Yes! High applications, major tests, and, if you're in the gifted class, 9th grade regents! Simply amazing! It is time to think about the next few years of my life. I can't believe I have to choose 12 high schools. Also, I am thinking of taking the Specialized High School test. Bronx Science (or American Studies) or bust! I got a nice homeroom teacher that is also my English teacher. I only have classes on two floors. My homeroom has its own lockers, so I can keep my notebooks and a few textbooks in! My book bag is so light now. Okay, maybe not light, but it is a lot more manageable. My class (801), is going to start studying for our Science regents on Mondays. If there is a holiday on Monday, then we have it on Friday. I attend Pablo Casals Middle School 181, located in Co-op City, in the Bronx. I should be doing my homework now, but I will get to it later. Spanish, I can tell, is going to be very tough. Especially since I paid no attention to it last year. Oh, but those are my woes.


I think this is my longest post ever. Well, know that I have decided to post weekly, I shall have no worries. That is all I can say...besides that this is my Photobucket account, in case you want to see some pics of mine.


Anonymous said...

omg why in the world wood u writ about ur self and then put it on the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! some1 coul stalk you like me

Anonymous said...

im back!!!!!! see you in math class in a few days, cuz i no who u r, and u should look bhind u more often. aka in math class. see u around munchcin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! luv ya 4eva

Anonymous said...

i absolutly love those pjs of urs. there cuuute!!!!!!!!!!!! look 4 me, cuz u no i look 4 u.

UK Bakosi said...

I don't wear pjs you werido.

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