Saturday, January 10, 2009

Future "Racattack Junction!" Posts

  • Cartoon Review - Batman: The Brave and the Bold (January 11th)
  • Cartoon Review - Star Wars: The Clone Wars review (January 20) I'll be reviewing the series
  • Cartoon Review - Total Drama Island revised (January 21th)
  • And the Day is Saved! (January 22th) Powerpuff Girls Tribute
  • Cartoon Review - The Powerpuff Girls Rule! (January 23th)
  • Animation News #5 (January 25th)

Be on the lookout for interviews with a few series creators like Joe Murray...hopefully.

1 comment:

MasterK said...

cool, I'm looking forward to the clone wars review even though I haven't seen the movie.

PS, I joined toon zone :D but the forum team hasn't enabled posting on my account yet :(

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