Monday, November 24, 2008

Yet Some More Animation News

Random! Cartoons to Premiere this December

Starting this December, the long-awaited Random! Cartoons show is going to air...on Nicktoons Network. Unfortunately, it will not be airing on the main Nickelodeon channel. The series is a collection of animated shorts made by several animators in the business: both new and old. One of the shorts, Adventure Time, has been picked up by Cartoon Network and is scheduled to premiere next year. Here's the schedule for the Random! Cartoons episodes (all times 1:30pm EST):

Saturday, 12/6 - Episode 101 (Solomon Fix, MooBeard, Two Witch Sisters)
Sunday, 12/7 - Episode 102 (Finster Finster, Adventure Time, Mind the Kitty)
Saturday, 12/13 - Episode 103 (Ivan, Boneheads, Tiffany)
Saturday, 12/20 - Episode 104 (Call Me Bessie, Teapot, Hornswiggle)
Saturday, 12/27 - Episode 105 (Hero Heights, Yaki & Yumi, Gary Guitar)
So if you have the channel like I do, you better watch the show. 39 animated shorts in 13 episodes. And you better watch them all...

Cartoon Network has the Holiday Goods...

Starting December 4th, with the premiere of a Chowder Christmas special (Hey, Hey it’s Knishmas), Cartoon Network jump starts it's holiday festivities. Other Christmas goodies include a holiday-themed episode of 6teen, a Batman: The Brave and the Bold special, and special titled In Search of Santa. And let's not forgot all those Christmas specials of CN original series, that are also going to air along with some holiday classics. Cartoon Network looks like the place to be this December. Schedule is linked to in the picture to the left.

Yes, I know it's not much, but that's all I've got.


Nathan said...

I have now a choice. Stick with my Viacom boycott part or watch RC. P.S. COME BACK TO THE3EDS!

MasterK said...

RC? anyways, where'd u get that chowder christmas screenshot? I thought CN didn't let any of those out.

MasterK said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MasterK said...

Oh Random Cartoons *facepalm* (that was my previous post, but I wanted to edit it but deleting it made it show that removed by author thing *double facepalm*)
anyways, I think viacom might be loosening its grip, I'm not sure. perhaps the random! cartoons will show up on the interwebs

Racattack Force said...

I got the Chowder screenshot from Toon Zone.

ashley said...

yoo dude how the hell did u set up yr bloggie like that its mad hot cuz im new to the cite n i need some tips cen u giv eme some p.s my name is ashley bye

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