Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tednut Production News!

I have posted this news both here on this blog and on the official Tednut website. Production on my web series, Tednut, has been temporarily halted until further notice. Well, no exactly halted, its more like I'm starting all over again (in a way).  There are a number of reasons why I have to do this, which I shall list below: 
  • Animation, is a major reason. I will most likely not be able to even start it until later this month, after I get back from a weeks at Pillars of Fire (which I'm going to after spending a week at a camp in the Adirondack Mountains). I'll be pretty much gone for two weeks, and have no access to any computer during this time.
  • Storyboards Only. I have to completely get rid of the scripts. After all, what use does a script have for a show where none of the characters actually talk? I was unable to get my hands on a microphone todo the voices, so I'm getting rid of that aspect. All humor will be based entirely on actions. This could be a chanllege, but I think I can handle it. This show will now only use storyboards, if I want at least the few episodes to be done by September 12th (it's a bi-weekly series).
  • Backgrounds. I haven't finished ANY of the backgrounds...okay, I finished one (Ted's bedroom) but I really need to redo that one since it's very messy. Most of the kitchen is colored, but I need to complete it. A school hallway I drew is completely uncolored (with the exception of a fish)
Okay, so that's all you really need to know at this point. Storyboarding and backgrounds will hopefully be done over the next three weeks, and I have to find good sound and music clips on the internet. All following news will be posted on the official Tednut website from now on unless it's very major.

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MasterK said...

A silent cartoon, interesting. And if you want to do this professionally, than its good you're starting with storyboards. Have fun in the Adirondack Mts (I'm jealous) and good luck. (I take it your camp means no further posts for a while as well)

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