Friday, May 2, 2008

Succeeding in Animation

I've recently found this really interesting online booklet on how to succeed in the field of animation. Its pretty helpful, and is a pretty darn good read also. It will help you get a start in the wonderful world of animation. It's written by a man named Gene Deitch, who is a somewhat well-known animator, who has been behind several successful animated cartoons, such as Tom and Jerry (1960-1962), and Tom Terrific. His article, "How To Succeed In Animation" is a must-read for any inspiring animator/cartoonist. 

P.S.: John Kricfalusi, creator of animated series Ren and Stimpy, is looking for artists that can help him with new George Liquor cartoons. He finally got a sponsor and now he can make up to 40 minutes worth of George Liquor cartoons. If you are interested, go see his blog: all kinds of stuff

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