Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tednut Devlopment is GO!

I have found the future, and it's name is Flash! Yes, I have decided to make my cartoon, Tednut, in Flash. Why Flash? Well, Flash is better looking and easier to use. So a friend of my hooked me up to Flash 8. And I was able to download it for free thankfully. And since then, I have been making countless animations in Flash. I made one of Ted walking, which I shall download later, since I am making this post at school and have not downloaded it to Photobucket or Youtube. I am also applying for a job as an animator on a a webtoon called Codename_webtoon. Not a real cartoon, but a cartoon the same. Visit the Tednut website: There are posts on the development of the show, comics, downloads, and much more. Please join the forum, it is very lonely. Anyway, that's all for now. See you in like a week XD.

EDIT: Couldn't post it at school, so...Blogger Video sucks possum!

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